#2 Best Caribbean Vacations


Live like a local

We are thrilled to introduce to you our new blog series “LIVE LIKE A LOCAL”. This series enable you to have an insider look at the destination through the eye of the locals.

For the premiere we picked our 2017 top instagram post, Loic Firmin aka @boss_r97. You loved his shot beautiful shot of his catch of the day so we thought you might like to know more about his life style…

1.What do you do for a living?

I am a Banking advisor; I love interacting with people

2.From which city are from in Guadeloupe?

Morne -à – l’eau  in Grande Terre

3.What do you love the most about Guadeloupe?

EVERYTHING. It is my homeland; I am very attached to it. Most people think that they know their country but often it is not the case. I love Guadeloupe because there is always something new to discover.

4.Have you always lived here, do you travel?

Yes, I have always lived in the Guadeloupe Islands. I go to mainland France from times to times but that’s pretty much it. I have been to Canada once.  I would like to come to the US but the flights from here are during the winter and I can’t deal with the cold!! I am an island boy.

5.How do you feel about being our histogram hit?

 I was very proud! I was very surprised that this shot went viral. The only thing is that many people were saying that the shot was taken in Jamaica, the US or even Algeria! So I was very happy that you set the record straight. This is happening in Guadeloupe! This is our local life here. I am happy to promote my archipelago and hope it will make people curious about discovering our culture and lifestyle.

6.How would you describe your life in the Guadeloupe Islands?

 Just very simple you know. The archipelago is small and big at the same time. You have access to many types of activities, I love it for that. My favorite thing is obviously spear fishing!  I can have lots of pressure at work making my goals and all so spear fishing and the Sea are where I escape.

7.How did you come to spear fishing?

 Well I have 3 siblings. I am the baby brother. My big brother was really into spear fishing, I wanted to do better that him, but was not serious about it until I met with my mentor Boss Jo. He is the one who taught me about spear fishing tactics and the eco-friendly rules to follow; never kill young fishes, never fish in the same spots and always diversify your kills. I get mad at fishermen who don’t follow these rules.

8.What do you love about that sport?

I love the fact of delving into a different world. I like to call myself the Dog of the Sea! I just love behind down there you know and more importantly I love that I can make a choice. I fish responsibly as I want to protect my environment. Many times I come out with nothing, not because I could not catch anything but because it was my choice. I love that in spear fishing. Living in harmony with nature and protect it with my actions. Spear fishing is the most eco-friendly way to fish if you do it responsibly.


9.What is your relationship with the ocean?

FEAR & RESPECT. You have no influence over the Sea; just feel thankful from what you take from her.

10.What is your fav spear fishing spot in Guadeloupe?

Well, I will not answer that question! LOL

11.What about your cooking skills? Tel us more about that

 Well my dad is an expert in grilled food and my mom in traditional French Creole cuisine. So I guess I took from both of them! I love to cook; I even organize once a year of Fish Day on the beach.

12.Any cooking tips for fresh fish?

Well I can tell you that you need to marinate your fishes for a minimum of 10 hours and that you should be able to drink the marinade! That’s how good it has to be!