The ``Ka`` Instrument

Ka is a drum used to play Gwo-ka and it is made from a cask.
You will find many « ka » workshops in Guadeloupe. There are many steps to the manufacture of the instrument : building the cask, shaping the wood with heat, strengthening  the wood planks and finally varnishing and polishing the wood.
In Guadeloupe Ka players are well kwon and respected. Yves Thole, founder of Akademiduka and « Ka » Master was honored « Maître d’art 2010 » by the Ministery of Culture and Communication in Paris.

Another great name in « Ka » culture is Marcel Lollia, nicknamed Vélo. He is one of the greatest drum masters of Guadeloupe. He began in Pointe-à-Pitre with the drum master François Mauléon nicknamed Carnot. He founded the famous Creole culture organization Akiyo.
Marcel Lollia passed away in 1984. In tribute to his memory, a statue was erected on St-John Perse street.

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