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Soul of Guadeloupe

Pointe à Pitre has a very rich architectural heritage. The city is certified since 1994 as a City of Art and History by the French Ministry of Culture.

Pointe-à-Pitre provides multilingual licensed tour guides ready to accompany visitors through the city.

Discover the story of the city by visiting St-Pierre and St-Paul Church, Place de la Victoire, St-Jones Perse and the many other museaums.
Step back in time and contemplate the beauty of traditional Creole houses and colorful and lively markets.
Pointe-A-Pitre is also the ideal location for shopping and the port of call for many cruises ships such as COSTA, MSC, CLIPPER , CLUB MED 2 etc.

Just like Pointe-à-Pitre, Basse-Terre has a very rich architectural heritage, notably: Fort Delgres, Gerty Archimède Museum, the Law Court, the spice market and its beautiful clock, Gerville Réache High School, « Promenade des Anglais » (the maritime boulevard) and Notre Dame de Guadeloupe Cathédral…

Since 1995 the city is certified as a City of Art and History by the French Ministry of Culture.
Each monument has a lot of history, and visiting Basse-Terre will allow you to discover another side of the Guadeloupe Islands.

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